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A unique investor profile in France

Au travers de son holding, le Groupe IDI investit directement en fonds propres dans les entreprises françaises et européennes leaders sur leur marché valorisées entre 10 à 200 millions d’euros (capacité à aller au-delà au cas par cas).
Les montants investis à chaque opération sont compris entre 5 et 30 millions d’euros et jusqu’à 50 millions d’euros avec des co-investisseurs.
L’IDI prend des positions majoritaires mais également minoritaires dans des sociétés à la croissance organique forte et les accompagne dans leur développement en France et à l’international.
L’IDI se distingue des autres acteurs du capital investissement français au travers de plusieurs caractéristiques différenciantes :
Through its holding, the IDI Group invests its own funds in French and European companies that are leaders in their field and valued at between 10 and 150 million euros (or beyond these boundaries in specific cases).

The amounts invested in each operation range from 10 to 40 million euros, and up to 100 million euros in the presence of co-investors. IDI takes majority positions but can also take minority positions in companies showing strong organic growth and supports their development in France and internationally.

IDI stands out from other players in the French private equity landscape due to a number of distinguishing characteristics:
    • Significant flexibility in the management of the investment time frame: free from any requirement to obtain a rapid return on the money invested, IDI adapts its investment and divestment rhythm to the development and value creation plan of the company and can reinvest in companies within its own portfolio during reorganisations of the shareholding structure;

    • Aligned interests with management teams: as IDI itself is the result of an entrepreneurial adventure, we understand the challenges faced by managers and find ways to align those requirements with our own, by always enabling the management team to become shareholder and by adapting to the business plan;

  • A committed, active shareholder that is involved in the companies in its portfolio: by making almost 800 investments in nearly 50 years of activity, IDI has developed expertise in a range of sectors and is able to contribute to the strategic decisions of the companies in its portfolio (build up, establishment of commercial networks, creation of new business lines, etc.).

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