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Date of aquisition: 2016

Sector: Media

Established in 1989, Dubbing Brothers supplies dubbing services for the movie and TV industry, as well as subtitling, voice-over and audio laboratory services. For many years now, Dubbing Brothers has been the trusted partner of the major production and distribution companies such as Disney, Warner, Sony Pictures, The 20th Century Fox and Metropolitan. Owning recording studios in France, Belgium, Italy and the US, Dubbing Brothers is the leader in the dubbing industry in France, and one of the major player in Europe. In the process of a family transition, IDI invested alongside Pechel Industries enabling the founders’ exit while their sons, Alexandre and Mathieu Taïeb, increase their share in the capital of the Company.

Turnover: 2018: 60 M€

Contacts : Marco de Alfaro and Augustin Harrel-Courtès