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Ateliers de France

Date of aquisition: 2017

Sector: Painting and decorative arts

The Ateliers de France Group (former Mériguet Group) is structured around seven major skill sets in painting and high-end decorative arts, (i) decorative paint and gilding, (ii) marble work, (iii) stone carving and masonry, (iv) locksmithing and ironwork, (v) woodwork, (vi) interior fitouts and (vii) the sale of paints and wallpaper. The Group works on restoration projects and new constructions in France and around the world, primarily for prestigious, often foreign, private clients, and for the State.

The Group has 1,400 employees and is governed by the spirit of companionship and the transmission of know-how between employees in France and abroad.

IDI has invested as a co-controlling shareholder alongside Raise, Tikehau Capital, BPI France and the management team. 

Turnover: 2019: 250 M€

Contacts : Marco de Alfaro and Jonathan Coll