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An investment pioneer

IDI, founded 50 years ago, stands out among its private equity peers due to its longevity. The Group's ability to adapt and innovate constantly have enabled it to thrive in changing times and across economic cycles.

Thanks to its solid foundations and an unyielding commitment to its values, IDI has remained - and remains - a key player on the market. IDI was created in 1970 as the Institute of Industrial Development (Institut du Dévelopmment Industriel) by the French authorities in order to provide equity to French small and mid-sized companies.

Incorporated as a public-private structure, this body was unusual for its time but has demonstrated its staying power. IDI was privatised in 1987 and continues to be an acknowledged and preferred partner for companies. In 50 years, IDI has supported more than 800 companies, a number of which - such as Bolloré, Zodiac and Bongrain - have grown into successful international groups.

As a pioneer and trendsetter, IDI has also served as an incubator for the private equity business over the years. More than 200 professionals have contributed to the success of IDI and many of them have gone on to play key roles in industrial companies, consulting firms, investment banks or private equity firms.