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Our values

From the outset, IDI has placed entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and responsiveness at the heart of its strategy. These three core strengths continue to underpin the Group's success today.

The spirit of business: entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs
Early on, the management team of IDI took a decision that is rare in the world of investment funds: to invest most of their capital in the Group that they managed. The investment teams working alongside them share the same entrepreneurial spirit, courage and dedication and are known for their ability to anticipate the challenges and changes that they will face. As a result, IDI is a preferred partner for companies, that understands managerial challenges and aligns its interests accordingly, by always enabling the management team to access equity.

Innovation: a respected partner in constant renewal
Because finance evolves and because yesterday's global challenges are never the same as today's, IDI has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy from the very beginning. The Group has been a pioneer in many respects: the management buyout, the decision to go public to drive its own growth, the financing of tech companies, and investing in emerging economies.

Responsiveness: fast decision-making process to support projects
Thanks to its ability to act swiftly, the proximity and stability of its investments teams and shareholders, and its savoir-faire, IDI is able to seize development opportunities quickly. Its status as a listed investment company and its stable and diversified shareholding base enable IDI to avoid conflicts of interest and to swiftly take and implement the decisions that best serve the creation of value.