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Key figures

During the first half of 2019, IDI announces an increase in NAV of 3.02%.

Since it was listed on the stock exchange in 1991, IDI has provided its shareholders with an internal rate of return (dividends reinvested) of 16.1% per annum, a 65,7-fold increase over 28 years, superior to stock indexes and other actors in the sector.

Financial Structure
(in euros millions)
2015 2016 2017 2018 S12019
Financial debt (a) 15,0 15,2 10 0 0
Cash and cash equivalents (b) -11,01 -12 -20 -110,4 -69,5
Net financial debt (A) 3,9 3,2 -10 -110,4 -69,5
Equity attributable to shareholders (B) 277,1 326,3 456,6 480,0 481,1
Gearing (A/B) ns ns ns ns ns

(a) Current and non-current financial liabilities of the Group. Does not include loan commitments that have not yet been drawn on third-party investment funds.
(b) Includes cash flow from IDI's non-consolidated subsidiaries (excluding current accounts with wholly owned subsidiaries).

Key figures