With a strength built on more than fifty years of continuous independence and expertise, the IDI Group invests both on its own account and for third parties. Our teams operate in France, in Europe and in emerging economies to respond to the needs of SMEs and small-cap companies.


Proprietary asset management
Third-party asset management

Assets under management
~ $732,4 million Over €650 million ~ €1 billion
Investment types
LBO and development capital LBO and development capital, direct or indirect LBO, development capital and private debt
Investment ticket
€25 to €60 million independently and up to €100+ million in co-investment Between $5 and $25 million Between €5 and €25 million
French and European SMEs /
small-cap companies
Investment funds (mainly secondary) and co-investments French SMEs
France and Europe Emerging and high-growth countries France
Examples of holdings