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Through its identity and long-term investment vision, our company has consistently promoted a responsible economy, placing people at its core. As investors, we actively engage with ESG-related challenges, viewing each investment as an opportunity to partner with passionate entrepreneurs to create a sustainable and positive societal impact.

« As a prominent figure in Private Equity, we are directly concerned by ESG challenges and the climate crisis. We aim to embed environmental, social, and governance criteria into every phase of our investments. We work closely with our partners to foster sustainable practices, mitigate risks, and generate long-term value, aligning with the increasing market demand for social and environmental responsibility. »

Tatiana Nourissat
ESG Manager, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel & Member of the Executive Committee


IDI’s 2024 ESG Strategy and objectives

  • Continue integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria within our strategy, particularly in our investment decision-making processes.
  • Reiterate our commitment as responsible shareholders to offer sustainable assistance to our portfolio companies during their transition processes. 
  • Implement annual ESG reporting campaigns within our new holdings and continually monitor the improvement of the indicators. 
  • Strengthen our communication and transparency on sustainability matters by publicly releasing our ESG reports.
  • Explore and promote the potential for setting climate objectives in alignment with the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement.
  • Conduct a new employee satisfaction survey at IDI in 2024.
  • Promote decarbonized mobility among IDI employees and uphold a healthy work-life balance..

This strategy is implemented through an RSE committee within the Supervisory Board and an internal working group responsible for annually presenting and monitoring IDI's ESG directions.

You can review our comprehensive ESG strategy detailed in our founding document:    

Download our founding document




IDI’s 2023 ESG achievements 

Reporting ESG

  • All of our holdings have completed ESG reporting. 

This demonstrates the dedication and commitment of our holdings to transparency and communication on environmental, social, and governance issues. It also highlights our portfolio's ability to meet ESG reporting standards, thereby promoting responsible and sustainable management of our investments.

With this achievement, IDI fully aligns with the objectives defined by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), particularly in the implementation of principles 3 and 6 related to "disclosing relevant information on ESG aspects of holdings" and "formalizing activities and advancements". 

Bilan carbone

  • In 2023, IDI's carbon footprint was assessed based on 2022 data, providing an in-depth analysis of our overall carbon footprint. This assessment includes a comparison with our peers, the distribution of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by scope and category, and customized impact scenarios for decarbonization. 
  • Most of our holdings also completed their carbon footprint assessments in 2023 or are in the final stages.

This approach underscores our increasing dedication to sustainable management practices and plays a role in enhancing the long-term valuation of our holdings. 

Workplace Quality of Life Survey:

  • IDI conducted a workplace quality of life survey among its employees. 
  • With a 100% participation rate, the results of this survey highlight the satisfaction of IDI employees and serve as a compass for ongoing enhancements to working conditions. 

L'IDI travaille avec des fournisseurs de solution ESG notamment Greenscope pour la production des reportings ESG et Carbometrix pour la réalisation des bilans carbone.




Committed to exemplary practices, IDI became a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in July 2022.

Download the PRI document


3 Key Figures for 2022

Holdings have completed their ESG reporting


Holdings have either an RSE policy or an RSE manager in place


Holdings have initiated and mostly completed their carbon footprint assessments




We have the skills and financial resources needed to help portfolio companies pursue their external growth strategy, whether in France or overseas, with the same goals in mind: stronger positioning and long-term development.

With the expertise of its subsidiary IDI Emerging Markets ($650M in assets under management), the group also operates in private equity in emerging countries.