ESG - building trust, both internally and in our investments

Not content with mere words, we place our trust in action alone, encouraging positive transformation in terms of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria. For IDI, everything hinges on social development within its investments. This means establishing policies and procedures that promote not only diversity and training, but also ethical, supportive and socially responsible governance.

Our actions also include cultural sponsorship and encouraging compliance with environmental best practices.

Before we invest and while reviewing investment opportunities, we carry out due diligence on ESG issues. We then help management teams implement and maintain these practices throughout our involvement with the company over the long term.

In tangible terms, we meet with company directors to define a set of ESG criteria and projects which will be incorporated into the company’s reporting. To provide further assistance, we put them in touch with a network of experts who can help them draw up appropriate action plans.

Lastly, we encourage the sharing of value creation by setting up systems that guarantee perfect synchronisation of interests with project initiators. Put simply, we strive to ensure that the company’s people share in the prosperity we create together!